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The charity was launched to improve access to professional health care provision to casualties from inshore coastal incidents.

In 2011, Our charities founder identified the increasing number of medical incidents that were occurring around the coast, especially during marine recreational activities.  

There was a distinct need for professional medical care that could operate not only on land but also on the water. 

As the NHS service typically provides for land based response and more recently under significant operational pressure,   the often critical time period for initial life saving activities and/or advanced clinical treatment is missed and only commenced after the delay in transferring the casualty onshore to the care of the NHS.

Primary Aim

The primary aim of the charity is to provide rescue and medical treatment of casualties, without delay, by registered health care professionals (Paramedics or Doctors), in the area of marine based events and support the coastguard and lifeboat service during medical or indeed any emergencies at sea, over the cliff and during flooding.

The charity is also able to work alongside and provide professional medical support to existing organisations including the RNLI, Coastguard and Ambulance Service.

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Our Team

Bringing Medical Care Offshore

Coast Medic currently focuses on the provision of this cover during marine based events where groups of the public congregate and there is an increased risk probability of an incident.

We therefore typically attend public Sailing, Power-boating, Rowing, Swimming, Kayaking events as well as providing medical cover at coastal towns where fast access to congested public areas is best achieved, without delay, from on the water.

We operate on a proactive basis, similar to that performed by the land based RNLI Lifeguard, by patrolling in the areas and time periods where the increased likelihood of incidents have been identified.

Our medics can deliver advanced medical treatment, carry lifesaving medications, equipment and have specialist training in marine, cliff and swift water operations making them ready to go where land ambulance crews cannot reach.

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