Cardiac Science G3 Electrodes (Adult)

SKU: cardiac-science-g3-electrodes-adult

Cardiac Science G3 Electrodes (Adult)

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillator pads have been designed to minimise the time to act in an emergency. 

The technology has been developed by Cardiac Science is designed so you can store your pads pre-connected to your AED, which ensures the electrodes are Rescue Ready at all times, easily accessible and reduces the time to shock.

The pad packaging also has detailed graphics showing that pads may be placed in either position on the chest to reduce confusion and save time during a rescue. 

Super simple to use for anyone, regardless of whether they have received previous first aid or CPR training, this set of pads is perfect if you’ve had no prior experience or you’re a first responder.

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